Public Good + L’Oréal’s CeraVe

Thank and Honor The Heroes Behind The Masks

During the COVID-19 pandemic, nurses performed unprecedented acts of heroism. To honor and thank them for their service, CeraVe teamed up with Public Good to collect messages of gratitude for nurses  and spread awareness of CeraVe’s support for the profession.


Research shows that being thanked at work causes nurses at high risk of burnout to sleep better, eat better, and experience improved job satisfaction. So, as America’s nurses provided selfless service under unprecedented circumstances during the COVID-19 pandemic, CeraVe set out to provide them with care and support in return.


Public Good designed a campaign of proprietary Action Units to inspire reader action in the moments of maximum motivation. Contextually placed on relevant news coverage about nurses, the Action Units empowered readers to learn more about the heroes behind the masks and write messages of gratitude to them.


Over the course of the campaign, readers wrote more than 800 heartfelt messages of gratitude for CeraVe to share with nurses. And post-campaign surveys showed an 8.5% lift in brand favorability and an 11% rise in support intent, setting the stage for readers and CeraVe to continue having impact together on future campaigns.


The quiz drew readers in via a series of questions about nurses and their work.

The slideshow sparked gratitude through multimedia highlighting nurses’ dedication.


The call to action presented a clear appeal inspired by nurses’ commitment.



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In all, the campaign generated more than 800 heartfelt messages of thanks for nurses, building on research showing that experiencing gratitude causes people at high risk of burnout to sleep better, eat better, and experience improved job satisfaction.

Message: Sending all nurses a message of heartfelt gratitude and wishes for healing and joy for you and your loved ones
Message: Thank you for not giving up when you were tired, stressed and when no one was there for you.
Message - Thank you for being there for us, patients, with or without a doctor.  Nurses are the glue that holds our care together.
Message: You are often the unsung heroes but you are the real heroes. Thank you for the caring job you do.
Message: No words could describe the thanks I feel to all the nurses and other medical people for what they have endured especially this past year And everyday going forward. Thank you so much
Message: Thank you so much for the care and dedication that you all have displayed during this crazy time.
Message: YOU are what makes this country shine. Through your daily acts of compassion and self sacrifice you lead the way to a more caring and inclusive tomorrow. Thank You!
Message: Thank you for the sacrifices that you made every single day, you guys are truly a Blessing to every one that you come in contact with.
Message - You will never know  the lives you touch.  The people that  remember you.  Thank you for  all the work  that you do.