Public Good drives key publisher metrics.

End Systemic Racism action unit on Vox

Partnering with Public Good increases audience engagement, drives incremental revenue, and produces measurable impact.

Social impact marketing is a $2 billion market — and it’s growing faster than any other category. Public Good is the digital social impact channel of choice for today’s leading brands. Our AI-for-Good contextual targeting and unique brand safety attract brands that traditionally don’t run on news content.

Key benefits of partnership with Public Good include:

  • Premium CPM to the publisher from brand-sponsored campaigns
  • Reader Engagement & Data
    • Full reporting and metrics
    • Insights into what your readers care about
    • First party data from reader actions taken
    • Increased publisher net promoter score
    • Increased engagement metrics including time on page
    • Full compliance with privacy rules including GDPR, CCPA, and new Safari and Chrome privacy features

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
Food Network
The Guardian
Chicago Reader

…and more

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