We make the news actionable.

When people read about issues ranging from women’s rights to refugees, or from veterans to natural disasters, our technology empowers them to make a difference by giving them actions they can take in those moments of inspiration.

How it Works for Brands

Do you have a great social impact program that the world needs to hear about?

Our platform uniquely reaches people when they are incredibly motivated and engaged: the moment they are reading about an issue in the news and inspired to create change.


Readers consume news articles on topics that they care about.


Readers feel motivated to make a difference on this issue but don’t know how.


Take Action, brought to consumers by your brand, gives readers actions they can take to make a difference.

Brand Ambassador

Readers take action on the causes they care about alongside the brand, building brand loyalty and advocacy!

Key Benefits of Our Unique Social Impact Platform

  • Outperforms digital advertising engagement by 35x
  • Significantly moves the NPS of the brand (users who take action average a 92 NPS)
  • Most effective way to build brand ambassadors
  • Easy to pilot on a CPM basis

The Business Case for Social Impact

Social impact isn’t niche anymore. More than 87% of American consumers will choose between two comparable products based on the brands’ social impact. They want to know your story about how you are making the world better, and they want to help.

Download our White Paper and read our Blog for cutting edge research on the importance of purpose on brands.

Get Started

Let’s talk about your impact programs and how we can help! You can reach us at brands@publicgood.com.

If you would like to launch a rapid response program, please submit your program information here.

What's AI for Good?

While connecting news with ways people can make a difference isn’t new, Public Good revolutionized the news industry with our proprietary platform that leverages cutting edge machine learning to identify social causes in content so people can make a difference. This platform lets our solutions scale to millions of articles every year without any need for editorial intervention. We believe that the future of all content is to be actionable, not just sharable and likeable. Our platform is leading that change.

Who's Using Us

Leading news media, brands, and nonprofits use Public Good. Our partners include

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Email us for case studies: brands@publicgood.com or media@publicgood.com

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