We make the news actionable.

When people read about issues ranging from women’s rights to refugees, or from veterans to natural disasters, our technology empowers them to make a difference by giving them actions they can take in those moments of inspiration.

How It Works for Media

Generate audience engagement and revenue

Engage with readers in the moment they’re inspired to take action on the issues they care about directly in your content and add to your bottom line!

Reader Engagement

Public Good deepens reader relationships with publishers by connecting news content to action through our revolutionary platform. In use by the nation’s leading publishers, Public Good’s Impact Units empower millions of Americans to make a difference!

Some of the core benefits of our media solutions include:

  • Increased user engagement
  • Addressable audience through email collection
  • Increased affinity for your media brand
  • Audience insights that show what causes your readers care about
  • Detailed data on the positive impact of your content
  • Make a bigger difference in the communities you serve
  • Revenue opportunities



Public Good partners with socially conscious brands to sponsor our embeddable Impact Units in natural news content that relate to the causes they’re working on. We share the revenue with our publisher partners. It’s simple, doesn’t require any changes to your salesforce, and your readers will love it. Our audience engagement and revenue solution is:

  • engaging for readers
  • non-invasive
  • contextual
  • and impact forward!

If you’re a publisher and interested in engaging your audience while generating revenue, we invite you to join our publisher partner network.

What Makes This Innovative?

Public Good’s Impact Unit engages with readers the moment they’re inspired to take action, directly in your content. From volunteering to donating to contacting their representatives, readers can make a difference on the issue they care about by taking relevant actions without ever leaving your site!


Readers consume news articles on topics that they care about


Readers feel motivated to make a difference on this issue but don’t know how


Our Impact Units, brought to readers by socially conscious brands, give readers actions they can take to make a difference

Positive Reader Sentiment

Readers take action on the causes they care and feel great because they made a difference

Key Benefits of Joining Our Publisher Partner Network

  • Garner incredible audience insights: Public Good provides audience insights into what readers care about and how they engage with causes
  • Deepen audience engagement: Bring your readers from consuming your content to taking action as inspired by your storytelling
  • Add to your bottom line: Public Good’s Impact Unit is new, innovative and unique and doesn’t cannibalize existing revenue streams

Get Started

Deepen reader relationships through impact and generate revenue by joining our publisher partner network! Reach out to us at media@publicgood.com to get started.

If you would like to launch an impact program around breaking news, please submit your program information here.

What’s AI for Good?

While connecting news with ways people can make a difference isn’t new, Public Good revolutionized the news industry with our proprietary platform that leverages cutting edge machine learning to identify social causes in content so people to make a difference. This platform lets our solutions scale to millions of articles every year without any need for editorial intervention. We believe that the future of all content is to be actionable, not just sharable and likeable. Our platform is leading that change.

Who’s Using Us

Leading news media, brands, and nonprofits use Public Good. Our partners include

media partners

brand partners

Email us for case studies: brands@publicgood.com or media@publicgood.com

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