Coronavirus Action Alerts for Media

Public Good is committed to working with our media partners to empower people to take action on the most important issues in the news (for background information, see here.) Right now, the most important issue is the global COVID-19 Pandemic. It is top of mind for people around the world, yet the information and advice on how best to respond are changing on a daily, if not an hourly basis.

With this in mind, Public Good has created a COVID-19 Email Alert and Rapid Response Team.

The Rapid Response Team will be working with highly recognized experts including epidemiologists, mental health experts, and non-profit leaders. This team will be continuously updating and creating new sets of actions people can take.

Email Alerts will give you access to the latest updates and actions as soon as they are available. For example, we’ve already released preparedness actions on how to keep yourself safe and prevent infections. We’re following up soon with actions to support parents adjusting to school interruptions, first responders in the healthcare community, and vaccine research.

ALL COVID-19 ACTIONS ARE FREE TO USE for Media partners.

You can sign up for this new list here:

If you are a current Public Good media partner, just let us know (or reply to an alert) and we’ll get those actions activated on your site.

If you would like to become a Public Good media partner, please contact us at

Let’s work together to keep the community safe.


Do Well By Doing Good 2018

While Public Good is best known as the leader in connecting news with ways for people to take action, over the last year we’ve expanded our business into helping brands leverage their social impact initiatives by including their customers. Why? Because 89% of American consumers (and a growing number worldwide) now consider brands’ social impact to be key in buying decisions and brands are increasingly stepping in where government isn’t getting the job done.

Consider brands like Patagonia, Lyft, and Starbucks. They have differentiated themselves from their competitors not just through great products, but through incredible impact programs that help protect the environment, evacuate people from disaster areas, and so much more. In each case, impact has become part of the brand story and customers feel good with each purchase they make.

But how do these brands succeed where so many have failed? How did Facebook go from digital connector to alleged political conspirator? And how are brands dealing with new realities like #MeToo, #MarchForOurLives, #DeleteUber, and more?

Public Good is in a unique position to analyze these trends. Our news partnerships have allowed us to develop one of the world’s largest repository of nonprofits and the actions that people take to support them. And through our emerging leadership as a platform for brands’ social good initiatives, we’ve participated in or advised on many of the most successful impact programs. We were also able to take advantage of research by thought leaders like Edelman and Porter Novelli. The result is Do Well By Doing Good 2018, our groundbreaking white paper on brands and social impact that’s also a kickstart guide for brands looking to develop social impact initiatives or take their existing ones to the next level. It’s designed for executives in marketing, communications, and human resources as well as corporate social responsibility (CSR) and for companies ranging from tech startups to the Fortune 500.

Download Do Well By Doing Good 2018 >>>

This is a hot topic and even since we completed this version of the guide we’ve seen breaking news we wanted to include. If you enjoy the guide, stay tuned to this blog for updates. We believe a new era of brands making a difference is dawning, and we’re excited to see what can happen when their resources are brought to bear on the issues of the day.

Please contact us for print copies or with feedback or questions.