Public Good engages readers in Pfizer’s innovative science breakthroughs

As the maker of a massively successful COVID-19 vaccine, Pfizer is in the spotlight more than ever. But the vaccine is just one part of their story. Pfizer partnered with Public Good to let people know about the groundbreaking research they conduct — research that powers not just the vaccine, but numerous other breakthroughs that are improving patients’ lives. Public Good helped Pfizer establish its new brand identity surrounding science innovation  See a live example on Science Daily

Public Good helps Mtn Dew become a purpose forward brand

Most people were not aware of Mtn Dew’s long-standing partnership with Team Rubicon. Team Rubicon deploys volunteer teams to recovery sites in the wake of natural disasters, and Mtn Dew backs these heroes. Public Good was able to both drive awareness of this good work as well as empower consumers to take action alongside the brand, resulting in new Mtn Dew brand ambassadors. See a live example on HuffPost