Coronavirus Action Alerts for Media

Public Good is committed to working with our media partners to empower people to take action on the most important issues in the news (for background information, see here.) Right now, the most important issue is the global COVID-19 Pandemic. It is top of mind for people around the world, yet the information and advice on how best to respond are changing on a daily, if not an hourly basis.

With this in mind, Public Good has created a COVID-19 Email Alert and Rapid Response Team.

The Rapid Response Team will be working with highly recognized experts including epidemiologists, mental health experts, and non-profit leaders. This team will be continuously updating and creating new sets of actions people can take.

Email Alerts will give you access to the latest updates and actions as soon as they are available. For example, we’ve already released preparedness actions on how to keep yourself safe and prevent infections. We’re following up soon with actions to support parents adjusting to school interruptions, first responders in the healthcare community, and vaccine research.

ALL COVID-19 ACTIONS ARE FREE TO USE for Media partners.

You can sign up for this new list here:

If you are a current Public Good media partner, just let us know (or reply to an alert) and we’ll get those actions activated on your site.

If you would like to become a Public Good media partner, please contact us at

Let’s work together to keep the community safe.


Thank you GreenBiz!

This year’s GreenBiz conference covered sustainability topics in-depth in many panels we attended, including SDG Innovation, Plastics Pledges & Climate Commitments, and Green Chemistry. One notable and encouraging trend throughout the conference highlighting the business case of doing well and doing good. Peter McGuinness, CEO of Chobani, asserted in his plenary session, “Consumers reward you with more sales the better they feel about your product.” During a Corporate Activism panel, Dave Rapaport of Ben & Jerry’s warned, “There’s a lot more risk in not taking a stand on things,” and Anna Walker of Levi’s noted that corporate action on gun control was followed by “two resulting years of growth.” In his plenary, Anna’s colleague Daniel Lee (of the Levi Strauss Foundation) echoed the same perspective, noting that when Levi’s went partially public, the CEO maintained the company’s giving practices (2% of profits annually), and that Levi’s then had 2 of its best years. These major brands are enjoying the ROI of taking a stand – we hope to see all brands follow that trend and experience how purpose drives business sustainability.