Doing more good in 2020 and beyond

Since we launched in 2013, we’ve gotten to know many people doing many amazing things to make the world better. In that time we’ve helped dozens of nonprofits raise almost $7 million — and that makes us feel more than a little proud! Now, in partnership with the world’s top brands and media outlets, we’ve evolved into a platform that makes the news actionable. Through our technology, millions of people change the future by donating, volunteering, showing up at rallies, contacting their representatives, spreading the word, and taking an array of other actions inspired by the news they read online.

Starting this month, we’ve made providing these actions our sole focus. By shifting away from individual nonprofit fundraising, we can increase our impact and introduce new ways for people to make the world better. We didn’t make this decision lightly, and we made sure to prepare ourselves and our nonprofit partners for the transition as last year came to a close. We know they have a range of dedicated fundraising platforms to choose from that offer comparable rates and services to our previous product — and that, as the only team making the news actionable through our data-driven machine learning technology, the way for us to do the most good for the most causes is to focus on expanding the unique tools we’ve built.

We’re excited to move forward in 2020 with renewed focus and energy. Look for us this year in your favorite news sources, and do some good with us!