Thank you Engage for Good!

On May 29th and 30th, over 600 people from top brands and causes all over the world converged on Chicago for the Engage for Good conference. With sessions and talks ranging from Attracting Diverse Industries to your Cause, to How to Evolve an Activist Brand, to so many more, the conference gave us new insights and inspirations.

Our Co-Founder and President Melissa Anderson led a Keynote talk with powerhouses of purpose Unilever and Patagonia. The session, “Empowering Consumers to Take Action,” gave attendees valuable data and takeaways about how genuine social impact and purpose can increase brand loyalty and profits. Laura Fruitman discussed her decision to launch the mission before the product for The Right to Shower bath and shower products. It was a decision that really paid off with consumers and continues to help make a real difference.

Melissa also dug into Patagonia’s dedication to social impact, talking with Brooks Scott about some of their purpose initiatives. Every time Patagonia has taken a bold stance — by suing the President of the United States, or donating 100% of their profits — they’ve seen an incredible response. These brands prove that companies can do well by doing good. As Brooks put it, “Every time I’ve made the right decision for the planet I’ve made money.” It’s inspiring to know that doing the right thing and doing the profitable thing aren’t mutually exclusive.

In addition to leading keynotes, we were also able to attend some incredible sessions. During “Negotiation Tips and Tactics, Getting to Yes” we gleaned some valuable data about how a brand’s social purpose can influence consumer sentiment. Gwen Migita, Global Head of Social Impact, Equity & Sustainability with Caesars Entertainment, shared that they’ve found customers to be savvy about purpose. “Customers understand CSR efforts. Communicating those efforts led to a 21% NPS lift and $10 million in additional revenue,” she shared. That’s a great ROI on doing good! In the session “Something for Everyone: Attracting Diverse Industries to your Cause,” Kathryn Pratt, Director of Brand Engagement from L.L.Bean also discussed those savvy consumers. As consumers become more discerning about the brands they choose, they can tell genuine social impact, and it matters. She noted that “finding spaces to tell CSR stories with authenticity is key.”

And speaking of authentic impact, we have to mention keynote “Evolving an Activist Brand” by Jeff Furman of Ben & Jerry’s. He’s often called “The Ampersand” of Ben & Jerry’s because he’s been there from the beginning, even writing the original business plan. Hearing from someone who has been a part of building a successful company respected as much for its social impact as much as its (delicious!) product truly inspired us. Before companies even through about measuring their impact or what their Net Promoter Score was, Ben & Jerry’s began a business based on purpose. “All we knew was that we could run a business based on our values…we didn’t use metrics or data, we did what felt right in our hearts.” Staying true to those values through their product and through the Ben & Jerry’s Foundation has won them customers who are loyal and created an incredibly successful business.

We’re honored that we were able to talk with so many leaders of purpose-driven brands, and proud we could add to the conversation with our unique insights and data. And we’re already excited for Engage for Good next year – look out Austin!

Great Sustainable Brands Conference!

We were thrilled to join over 2,000 global band and sustainability leaders this month at SB’19 Detroit. Sustainable Brands gathers together executives from all over the world for this incredible conference and Innovation Summit. This year we joined execs from over 35 countries to talk about sustainability and social impact. Through the panels on which we spoke, the ones we attended, and the conversations we had with other attendees throughout the conference, we learned, shared, and were inspired to help create the Good Life.

Our CEO and Co-founder Dan Ratner joined an eclectic group of artists, scientists and media executives on the panel “Driving Behavior Change and Cultural Shift by Immersing Consumers with Interactive Content, VR, AR and Art.” Panelists ranging from a National Geographic Explorer to an Executive Editor at Huffington Post discussed how to draw people in through experiences in technology and art, and engage consumers in new ways to inspire them to take action. Dan emphasized the importance of action for consumers, and how critical it is to give people something meaningful they can do.

The next day Melissa Anderson, our President and Co-founder, discussed innovations in digital consumer engagement on environmental and social issues on the panel “Building Good Life Communities of Action Online by Utilizing New Digital Marketing and Storytelling Tools.” Melissa busted some myths about engagement, actions, and donations. While organizations often think that giving people multiple actions to take will cannibalize donations, Melissa pointed to data that show giving people multiple ways to engage with a cause actually raises more money than simply asking them to donate. “Our advice to those looking to inspire people is to meet them where they are.” It sounds simple, but it can be complex to implement, especially when the focus is solely on donations. But meeting people wherever they are on the ladder of engagement can help move them through the funnel, drive more donations, and create more loyal brand ambassadors. We’re glad that data we’ve collected can back up these critical impact ideas.

We also attended some incredible keynotes and discussions. Linda Walker, Director of Forests for the World Wildlife Fund, gave an inspiring keynote with reason for hope. Companies have more opportunities than ever before to scale up their efforts to protect forests and still meet their business goals. We’re all in the forest business — if you ship, manufacture clothes, food, tires — whatever — you use forests. “No matter what business you’re in, you need forests, and forests desperately need you.” She taught the entire room why this mission is “everyone’s business.” Yumi Clevenger-Lee, CMO of Nestle Waters NA also gave us reason for optimism by pointing out that “focus on Innovation lifts all boats.” “We have a common issue and we can create a greater impact if we work together,” she told the room in the plenary session. “We can solve the problems faster and more completely if we collaborate.” We loved hearing all week about brands working together to solve problems!

Another keynote we loved was on Thursday, delivered by CMO of Danone, Valérie Hernando-Presse. Her observation that the future will be moving from a business-to-consumer model to a “human-to-human” model inspired us. “Consumers do not exist,” she told us. “People do.” When we change our thinking in this way, all our actions become more meaningful. Even eating makes a difference — “Food is politics. Each consumption act is a political act.” Her talk galvanized all of us to work harder to make a difference, following her lead. She wants all of Danone’s companies to be people-powered brands, acting as true activists, taking a stand, and acting consistently over time. The fact that the room was filled with people who share those values, and the conference was supported by executives talking about how brands can better the world and also achieve their business goals filled us with excitement about what’s to come from socially conscious brands!

Empower your readers to take charge of their online privacy

Whether it’s a new revelation from Facebook or Google, stories about facial recognition software, or even hacked smart TVs, protecting yourself online is in the news. Readers can feel overwhelmed — they want to protect themselves from things like identity theft, but how? With smart speakers, cell phones and connected refrigerators, people often feel like they don’t even know where to begin to do something about this important issue.

You can empower your readers to do something. For your stories about online safety, data privacy, hacking, and data breaches, use our “Protect Your Data Privacy” campaign. Your readers will have meaningful actions they can take to protect themselves, and ways to support organizations working to protect us all.

It’s easy (and free!) to add this campaign to your stories.

Just embed the div and script where you want the Impact Unit to show up.

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