Give your readers a meaningful way to honor Memorial Day

Memorial Day 2019
Memorial Day 2019
Memorial Day is a time to remember fallen soldiers and make sure they and their families are not forgotten. The emotional power of the stories surrounding Memorial Day can inspire us to do something meaningful. We’ve created a campaign to help do just that.

Our “Honor America’s Fallen Heroes” campaign enables people to give back and do something to support the families of fallen soldiers this Memorial Day. Donate to nonprofits helping families, make sure the children of Gold Star Families get birthday cards, or help a family find a support group — your audience can do something that makes a difference as they read the stories you’re publishing this weekend.

If you’re a current partner, thank you! You’ll see this campaign roll out today. If you’re not a current partner but would like to embed this campaign in your Memorial Day coverage, it’s easy (and free). Just use these implementation instructions to add this campaign to your Memorial Day stories.

Embed the div and script where you want the Impact Unit to show up.

<div class=”pgs-dpg-card” data-pgs-partner-id=”publicgood” data-pgs-target-id=”d151c6ba-299f-4b20-b6d7-ccc400a7bcfa” data-pgs-target-type=”campaign”></div>
<script async type=”text/JavaScript” src=””></script>

or insert the following iframe

<iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=”452″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”></iframe>

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